The Physics Division hosts several research groups offering a wide range of scientific topics. Experimental, theoretical and computational activities are carried out within the Physics Division. The research groups enjoy close connections with local, national and international partners and results obtained by our scientists are reported in many publications on high-level international magazines. The recent evaluation of the research activities has confirmed that the Physics Division at UniCam is ranked among the best Italian research Institutes in Physics (ANVUR global factor R=1.09 in 2013).
Some of the most recent works of our research groups are highlighted here.
Member stats of the Physics Division (Research Gate portal). 
List of Research Activities/Groups (to be completed)
Quantum optics Prof. David Vitali
X-ray Spectroscopy/Material Science Prof. Andrea Di Cicco
Theory of quantum gases and superconductors Prof. Giancarlo Strinati, Prof. Pierbiagio Pieri
Surface science Prof. Roberto Gunnella
Systems out of equilibrium Prof. Umberto Marini Bettolo Marconi
Quantum mechanics and information theory Prof. Stefano Mancini
MultiSuper Network Prof. Andrea Perali, Prof. David Neilson