Alumni & Friends

Alessio Giuliani
Alessio Giuliani has a permanent position at Opto-Engeneering as technical support, R&D and expert software developer (LabVIEW) in order to test the optical devices produced.
Francesco Sperandini
Francesco Sperandini is a graduated in Physics in 1995 and after a brief collaboration with the Department of Physics at the University of Camerino, he founded the Elcolab Laboratories, an independent test house for Electromagnetic Compatibility, Electrical Safety and Energy Efficiency of electrical products and related materials. Currently, it has a permanent position as branch manager of IMQ Spa in the Marche Region. Profilo LinkedIn.

Andrea Spuntarelli
Andrea Spuntarelli is a senior quantitative analyst at the Internal Validation Department of IntesaSanpaolo bank in Milan. He joined the Market Risk Management area of IntesaSanpaolo in 2009 to  develop the IRC market risk model. His recent work is focused on market and counterparty credit risk model validation through backtesting, benchmarking and stress testing.
Marco Taglienti
Marco Taglienti began working for Telecom Italia Group and then in Telecom Italia SpA in Milan and after in Rome as a specialist in IDC, IP and MPLS networks for the market and then in marketing for Telecom Italia’s Cloud Computing (Nuvola Italiana). Actually is a Project Manager for TOP clients and the Italian Central Public Administration for Telecom Italia. He also currently works as a professional photographer in the field of portrait photography and fashion. Website:
Angela Trapananti
Angela Trapananti is a researcher at the National Research Council (CNR). Since 2009 she works as scientist at the Italian beamline of the European Synchrotron Radiation Facility in Grenoble (France). Her research activity is focused on studies of the structure of liquids and glasses under extreme conditions and of advanced materials for energy through x-ray absorption spectroscopy experiments.